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    Skills Shortages in General



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    Skills Shortages in General

    Post by Mr_Pillay on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:29 am

    This heading/topic includes information & statistics based on skills shortages of which is one of the main STEM crisis issues in South Africa today, as skills shortages has a lot to do with engineering, technology and maths, of which the crisis today causes us to be disadvantaged due to poor industry/skills to upgrade and keep up with global technology, skills shortages also causes unemployment and also increases crime rate in a country of which lowers investments in the country, having skills shortages in a country causes the local companies to rely on foreign skilled workers of which, in the end causes  South Africa to have a lower GDP.

    The main problem of the STEM crisis under this heading is; skills shortages, the impact/consequences of it is; it makes the country not able to industrialise and keep up with global technology and globalisation. Causes the country to not be able to develop well, lowers productivity and economic growth and also lowers work ethic. The role of skills shortages is; skills shortages have a great impact on the economy and industries within South Africa today.

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